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The Sustainability Accelerator speeds the translation of Stanford research into scalable technology and policy solutions to address urgent global sustainability challenges. 

The Accelerator serves as a launchpad for catalyzing innovative ideas into transformative solutions that will substantially improve the quality of human life and our planet.

Turning ideas into impact.

Time is short. To develop and launch innovative ideas quickly, we need to work in new ways that are a significant departure from traditional academia. Our approach is designed for speed and impact.


We select projects for impact at scale.

We consider scale from the outset — seeking ideas with transformative rather than incremental potential and teams with a solution-driven, externally informed approach.

We focus our efforts.

We focus on Flagship Destinations, ambitious measurable goals that require innovation across technology, policy, finance, and equity.


We provide support beyond funding.

We offer expertise, resources, connections, and active project engagement to enable teams to launch solutions at speed and scale.

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