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Flagship destinations

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Our Flagship Destinations are ambitious and measurable targets where we see the greatest potential for impact on a global scale. These targets require an integrated approach that supports development of technological, governance, financial, and societal innovations, including addressing equity and justice issues and unintended consequences at scale.

Our criteria for selecting Flagship Destinations

  • Have a significant and measurable impact with the potential to scale from local- to global-level outcomes in a timeframe that reflects the urgency of the sustainability challenge.
  • Have potential for Stanford to make a meaningful contribution.
  • Identify and address equity challenges and unintended consequences at scale.

Our first Flagship Destination is Greenhouse Gas removal. Over time, we will add new Flagship Destinations to run concurrently. Potential topics might be adaptation to the effects of climate change, access to fresh water or the energy transition. Specific topic areas and goals will be determined with input from our scholars and external stakeholders and experts.

Greenhouse Gas Removal


Greenhouse gas removal at the gigaton scale by 2050.

See Greenhouse Gas Removal Flagship Destination