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Our approach

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To address sustainability challenges at the speed and scale required, we need a new approach. The Accelerator works differently from many funding programs offered at Stanford. We seek project ideas with transformative rather than incremental potential. We understand that successfully scaling solutions requires innovation not just in technology, but also in policy, finance, society, equity, and justice. 

We select projects for impact at scale

We consider scalability at the outset. Thinking about scale from the beginning and working backward to identify gaps in knowledge as well as risks and barriers along plausible pathways for scaling helps to determine the research and external collaborations needed to launch the solution. We select teams who are committed to collaborating with disciplines across Stanford, partnering with external stakeholders, and rolling out solutions beyond Stanford.

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We focus our efforts

Our Flagship Destinations are ambitious and measurable targets where we see the greatest potential for impact. We focus our investments and scaling support in these areas. Flagship Destinations require an integrated approach that supports the development of needed technological, governance, financial, and other societal innovations, including addressing equity and justice issues.

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We provide support beyond funding 

In addition to funding, we offer expertise, resources, connections, and active project engagement to enable teams to overcome barriers, connect with the global community, identify collaborators, and scale quickly. Our network of scholars, innovators, investors, and policymakers help our teams identify opportunities, envision new ideas, and launch solutions at speed and scale.

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