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Project support

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Support levels

We support projects at different stages of development, from testing ideas that validate a pathway to scaling to supporting the launch or rollout of a self-supporting entity or initiative. Teams can enter the Accelerator at any level.


Testing ideas to address key barrier(s) or validate mechanism(s) that would enable the sustainability solution to succeed.


Advancing substantially toward the pathway to impact and scalability of a solution. Must include external engagement.

Proof of Scalability

Developing an action plan including steps required to scale solution outside Stanford.

We do not seek projects focused upon basic or curiosity-driven research. Other sources at Stanford support these important efforts, but our focus is on scalable real-world solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Active project engagement 

The Sustainability Accelerator team has a proactive, collaborative approach to working with the research teams to help ensure milestones are met and provide additional resources and support when required. This could include business development support, access to expert services, mentorship and networking opportunities, or training and workshops. The Accelerator team can also help researchers navigate and connect with other Stanford programs that support scaling and rollout efforts. 

Open applications

We do not currently have any open calls for proposals.