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Accelerator team

Stanford Sustainability Accelerator is co-led by a faculty director and an executive director. Our core team of professional staff manages operations, runs our competitive project selection process, and provides resources and support to faculty and research teams.

Yi Cui
Faculty Director

Charlotte Pera

Charlotte Pera
Executive Director

Yolanda Banks
Grant and Finance Analyst

Jeffrey Brown
Managing Director of Greenhouse Gas Removal

Andrea Gray

Andrea Gray
Director of Finance and Operations

Gemma Guilera Ferre
Managing Director

Isik Kizilyalli
Senior Director of Technology

Rachael Madison
Fellowship Program Manager

Gabby Magana
Administrative Associate

Brenda Maldonado
Administrative Associate

Michael Mastrandrea
Director of Policy

Jennifer Milne
Associate Director for Advanced Research Projects

Kristin O'Brien
Program Coordinator

Shalmalee Pandit
Program Officer

Michael Wara

Michael Wara
Senior Director of Policy

Audrey Yau
Fellowship Director